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 Pitchin' a Fit!
Author: Israel & Brook Wayne
Item #: A132

Price: $17.95   

 Fit to Burst
Author: Rachel Jankovic
Item #: A140

Price: $18.95   

Hints On Child Training
Author: Clay Trumbull
Item #: A149

Price: $12.95   

Heartfelt Discipline
Author: Clay Clarkson
Item #: A199

Price: $21.95   

Heart of Anger
Author: Lou Priolo
Item #: A186

Price: $22.95   

Shepherding a Child's Heart
Author: Tedd Tripp
Item #: A174

Price: $18.95   

Reaping the Harvest
Author: Diana Waring
Item #: A168

Price: $17.95   

Age Of Opportunity
Author: Paul Tripp
Item #: A192

Price: $19.95   

Instructing a Child's Heart
Author: Tedd Tripp
Item #: A200

Price: $18.95   

To Train Up a Child
Author: Michael Pearl, Debi Pearl
Item #: A188

Price: $14.95   

Our 24 Family Ways
Author: Clay Clarkson
Item #: A158

Price: $22.95   

The Young Peacemaker
Author: Corlette Sande
Item #: A187

Price: $26.95   

The Peacemaker - A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict
Author: Ken Sande
Item #: A184

Price: $22.95   

What the Bible says about Child Training
Author: J. Richard Fugate
Item #: A144

Price: $19.95   

No Greater Joy
Author: Various

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