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Champions of Discovery Series
Author: Various

Body by Design
Author: Alan L. Gillen
Item #: H303

Price: $20.50   

Footprints in the Ash - The Explosive Story of Mount St. Helens
Author: Steve  Austin, John Tiner
Item #: H316

Price: $22.95   

Along Came Galileo
Author: Jeanne Bendick
Item #: BF035

Price: $16.95   

Starting with Science Series
Author: Various

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
Author: Dennis Peterson
Item #: H328

Price: $49.95   

The Wonder of it All
Author: Steve Terrill
Item #: H317

Price: $20.95   

How Majestic is Thy Name
Author: Steve Halliday
Item #: H325

Price: $20.95   

Geology By Design
Author: Carl Froede Jr.
Item #: H292

Price: $20.50   

Flood By Design
Author: Michael Oard
Item #: H294

Price: $20.50   

Universe By Design
Author: Danny Faulkner
Item #: H315

Price: $20.50   

Body of Evidence
Author: Various

Moody Science Dvds
Author: Various

The New Answers Book 1
Author: Ken Ham
Item #: H360

Price: $20.95   

The New Answers Book 2
Author: Ken Ham
Item #: H361

Price: $20.95   

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