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 The Deacon: The Biblical Roots and the Ministry of Mercy Today
Author: Cornelius Van Dam
Item #: K653

Price: $24.95   

The Elder: Today's Ministry Rooted in All of Scripture
Author: Cornelius Van Dam
Item #: K652

Price: $24.95   

Called to Serve: Essays for Elders and Deacons
Author: Various .
Item #: K649

Price: $18.95   

With a Shepherd's Heart
Author: John R.  Sittema
Item #: K462

Price: $19.95   

The Glorious Work of Home Visits
Author: Peter G. Feenstra
Item #: IH531

Price: $6.00   

With Common Consent
Author: W.W.J Van Oene
Item #: IH532

Price: $19.00   

Elders Handbook
Author: Gerard Berghoef, Lester DeKoster
Item #: K460

Price: $27.95   

Deacons Handbook
Author: Gerard Berghoef, Lester DeKoster
Item #: K461

Price: $27.95   

 Prayers of the Saints
Author: Jannes Smith
Item #: K659

Price: $10.95   

Quick Scripture References
Author: John G. Kruis
Item #: K612

Price: $20.95   

Thou Holdest My Right Hand: On the Pastoral Care of the Dying
Author: D. Los
Item #: IH553

Price: $9.75   

Visit the Sick: Minister God's grace in times of illness
Author: Brian Croft
Item #: N999b

Price: $9.95   

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