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Growing in the Gospel

Do you want to delve into the riches of the gospel more deeply… and live out of them more consistently? In this three-volume set Dr. Jason Van Vliet explores the central truths of Scripture in such a way that those who are already familiar with the basics of the Christian faith can continue to grow in understanding the height, breadth, and depth of God’s Holy Word.

At the same time, these volumes are not merely about doctrine. Our God gave us sound doctrine for daily living. Thus, each chapter draws connections to everyday life as it is experienced by moms and dads, teens and young adults, married and unmarried, as well as people who are healthy, sick, happy, and distressed—in short, real people living real lives in a really broken world.

All proceeds from this publication will be donated to mission work in Asia or elsewhere.

Growing in the Gospel Volume 1
Author: Dr. Jason VanVliet
Item #: K530

Price: $15.25    

Growing in the Gospel Volume 2
Author: Dr. Jason VanVliet
Item #: K531

Price: $15.25    

Growing in the Gospel Volume 3
Author: Dr. Jason VanVliet
Item #: K532

Price: $15.25    

Growing in the Gospel - Combined Volume
Author: Dr. Jason VanVliet
Item #: K533

Price: $44.95    

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