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Streams of Civilization - Volume 2 Belongs to series: Streams of Civilization

Author: Garry J. Moes

Publisher: Christian Liberty Press

Item #: J410

Pages: 618

Level: Grade 10

Class: Hardcover

Price: $52.95

This expanded and updated full-color world history text provides a comprehensive overview of modern world history from the Age of Exploration to today. Written from a Christian perspective, this hardcover edition contains vocabulary terms, comprehension questions, and suggested projects. The text contains many colorful images and maps, as well as additional side-bars.

This text provides a comprehensive overview of modern world history (1600s?2005) from a Christian perspective. Each chapter includes a timeline, listing of key terms, recommended projects, and comprehension questions. It is a well-illustrated hardcover text containing numerous high-quality maps. This book covers the events of world history with an emphasis on European and American culture since the Reformation. Each chapter traces a particular theme within a particular time period. The principal themes include the history of Christianity and philosophy with their results in culture, politics, economics, society, science, and technology. A time line at the beginning of each chapter will help the reader to see the chronological relationships between the events discussed in the text. Throughout the text, particular points of interest, focusing on specific individuals and events, provide further information. Maps and photographs, as well as artwork of a particular period, add to the overall impact of the book. Thought-provoking questions given at the end of each chapter will encourage students to think through the Christian implications of the material and its relevance for today's world. In addition, a list of important words and concepts at the end of the chapter will aid the student in focusing on the most significant ideas discussed in the chapter. Suggested projects can also enliven the topics being covered as a particular activity is carried out by an individual or a class. A reading list is provided to suggest resources for further study; an extensive index will also enable the student to use the book for reference in years to come. 3rd Edition.