For Canadian homeschooling families

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Homeschooling Highschool - Planning Ahead for College Admission

Author: Jeanne Dennis

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A398

Homeschooling High School, 2nd Edition, Planning Ahead for College Admission gives you the tools you need to design a solid high-school program that both maximizes educational freedom and leads%2

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How to Read a Book

Author: Mortimer Adler, C. Van Doren

Publisher: N/A

Item #: N998

Highly recommended for the student who wants to go on to university. Originally published in 1940, this book has been revised and updated. It is the best and most successful guide to readin

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Setting the Records Straight

Author: Lee Binz

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A203

Give Your Homeschooler the Advantage in the High Stakes College Admission Sweepstakes! Parents who consider homeschooling their children through high school are often consumed by insecurity - "Are%