For Canadian homeschooling families

Price: $39.95

The Story of Canada

Author: Janet Lunn, Christopher Moore

Publisher: Scholastic

Item #: J182

Learn the story of Canada in this beautiful new edition, fully updated!Who better than award-winning writer Janet Lunn and historian Christopher Moore to tell our countrys story t

Price: $49.95

Study Guide to the Story Of Canada

Author: Vince Marguis

Publisher: N/A

Item #: J461

For grades 7 - 9. This guide contains ten lessons, or units, built around the chapters of The Story of Canada, the core text, which is a survey history of Canada not designed spe

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Courage and Conquest

Author: Donna Ward

Publisher: Northwoods Press

Item #: J170

Regardless of your approach to homeschooling, you can make this book work for you. This is a chronological study of the settlement of Canada from the Vikings to Confederation, suitable for

Price: $34.95

Canada's Natives Long Ago

Author: Donna Ward

Publisher: Northwoods Press

Item #: J174

An excellent study designed to be used with children of in middle school. Resources mentioned at the end of each chapter allow students to explore topics of interest at their own level of a

Native Nations of North America Series Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

In Native Nations of North America, Bobbie Kalmans looks at the lives of the indigenous peoples of North America. Each book in the series focuses on geographical areas, language groups,

Price: $14.95

The Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples

Author: Diana Silvey

Publisher: Kids Can Press

Item #: J268

Canada's Aboriginal peoples have shaped this country in countless ways. Their story is central to the nation's identity ? indeed, the word ?Canada? is derived from the Huron-Haudenosaunee%2

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Explorers of Canada- Canada History

Author: Sonja Schild

Publisher: Learnsmart Publishing

Item #: J253

If you liked the Canada Geography in the Our Home and Native Land series, you'll like this book. Containing 48 reproducible worksheets, 19 maps, explorer portraits, and word search puzzle

In The Footsteps of Explorers Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

In the Footsteps of Explorers is an action and discovery-oriented history and biography series that will inspire adventurous young readers. Each colorful book describes what an explorer's life was%

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The Kids Book of Canadian Exploration

Author: Ann-Maureen Owens

Publisher: N/A

Item #: J267

The story of Canadian exploration is about more than mapping wilderness. With no new land sleft to discover, present-day explorers focus on outer space, the ocean and the preservation of Eart

Discovering Canada Series Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

This is a delightful set that gets good usage. Great for personal reading or for unit studies. Exciting short stories about characters in Canada's past. Included in each book are projects,

The Canadians Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

A great series on important figures in Canadian history. They are will written with many photographs, sketches and maps. Each book is 64 pages and written for ages 10-14.

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Canadian History for Dummies

Author: Will Ferguson

Publisher: N/A

Item #: J247

This new edition of"Canadian History For Dummies" takes readers on a wild ride through Canadian history, from its first nations heritage right through to Paul Martin's shaky minority governme

Remembering the War of 1812 SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

As heritage sites plan reenactments for the bicentennial of the War of 1812, this fascinating series gives great insight into the significance of this brief and much-debated conflict. A

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Short History of Canada: Sixth Edition

Author: Desmond Morton

Publisher: N/A

Item #: J239

Most of us know bits and pieces of our history but would like to be more sure of how it all fits together. The trick is to find a history that is so absorbing you will want to rea

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The Penguin History of Canada

Author: Robert Bothwell

Publisher: N/A

Item #: J245

Canada is in many ways a country of limits, a paradox for a place that enjoys virtually unlimited space. Most of that space is uninhabited, and much of it is uninhabitable. It is a co

Price: $20.95

My First History of Canada

Author: D Dickie

Publisher: N/A

Item #: J249

This is a delightful book of Canada's story told by a master story teller of an earlier generation. First published in 1958, it has since been revised and another chapter added to bring%2