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Still Thinking Featured New

Author: Jason Bouwman

Item #: K713

Class: Hardcover

Price: $19.95

...more doodles, doctrine and dad jokes.

A new volume of musings that will prompt you to think more deeply, more clearly and more biblically.

Still Thinking continues in the same vein as Just Thinking, taking the stuff we say every day and examining it more closelymaybe even from a different angle than youre used to. Topics covered in volume two include identity, character development, leadership, creativity, hospitality, church life, suffering, social media and sex You know, the stuff of life!

If you liked Jasons first book Just Thinking youll be happy to know the second book is now available. There are still more doodles to noodle over and probably a little more to read this time around.

Be among the first to receive this latest edition of doodles & deep thoughts. You wont regret it.