For Canadian homeschooling families

Children's Atlas of the World New

Publisher: Scholastic

Item #: J667

Pages: 72

Class: Hardcover

Price: $19.95

The Scholastic Canada Children's Atlas of the World provides an exciting look at our world and its people, places and wildlife. This easily accessible atlas will enrich children's knowledge of the world around them, from a country's geography to its history, wildlife and culture.

-Internet-linked, directing readers to carefully checked, child-friendly sites that expand on interesting topics.
-Uses the latest digital mapping techniques to create accurate, state-of-the-art maps.
-Features full-colour photographs and fascinating facts on every spread.
-Includes national flags, capital cities and populations for every country.
-Introduces global topics such as climate, conservation and the environment.
-An ideal reference for Canadian homes and classrooms!