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Foundations B Cursive New Belongs to series: Foundations

Author: N/A

Publisher: Logic of English

Item #: E396C

Level: Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1, Grade 2

Price: $135.95

Provide your students with a fun, multi-sensory experience learning to read and write that engages their senses, works naturally with their desire to wiggle and play, and lays a strong foundation for reading and writing success!

What is Taught in Level B (Lessons 41-80)?

-21 multi-letter phonograms
-Discover 8 spelling rules
-Learn about schwa and why this sound is so common in English
-Learn how to read 296 new high-frequency words and the tools for reading thousands of additional words
-Discover 2 reasons for a silent final E
-Read one-syllable words with a long vowel sound
-Identify the medial vowel in a word
-Read and comprehend simple sentences
-Learn to write the uppercase letters in cursive or manuscript
-Match uppercase and lowercase letters
-Play fun and engaging games

Foundations is Recommended for:

-Ages 4 to 7
-As a phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar curriculum for Grades K-2
-As a complete language arts curriculum for Grades K-2
-Young struggling readers
-Young students with dyslexia
-Early readers

What's in the Set?

-Foundations B Teacher's Manual
-Foundations B Student Workbook -Cursive
-Whistling Whales: Beyond the Sounds of ABC
-Foundations B Readers
-Foundations B Readers: Young Artist Series - NEW!

Starting at B?

This set is designed for those who have completed level A and already have the reusable Foundations supplements. If you do not yet have these items, you will want the Starting at B set, which includes the same items as this set plus all the supplements you will need (all at a significant discount!).

Learn more about where to start.

For most young children, Foundations A is the best starting point in Logic of English. In level A, students develop strong phonemic awareness skills, learn all the sounds of the A-Z phonograms, learn to write them in lowercase, and apply these skills as they begin to read and spell CVC words and short vowel words with consonant blends.

Handwriting Style
-The Foundations B Teacher's Manual includes instructions for teaching the uppercase letters in manuscript AND cursive.
-The workbook and supplements come in manuscript OR cursive. This set is cursive.
-Lowercase is taught in A. Students should be able to write the lowercase in the handwriting style they are learning BEFORE starting Foundations B lessons.

Teaching Multiple Students?

These sets includes everything needed for one teacher and one student. Each additional student will need:

-Foundations B Student Workbook - either Cursive OR Manuscript
-Student Whiteboard
-optional: Foundations B Readers and Foundations B Young Artist Series Readers (one set per student recommended, or to share with a partner)
-optional: Phonogram Game Tiles, if you don't already have them from A (one set per student recommended, or to share with a partner)