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Foundations C Set New Belongs to series: Foundations

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Publisher: Logic of English

Item #: E398

Price: $164.95

For those who have completed Foundations B and already have the reusable Foundations supplements.

Everything you need to continue to level C of Foundations! In addition to the Teacher's Manual, Student Workbook, and Foundations Readers for levels C, the Foundations C Set also includes Knitting Knights, Miles and Jax, and Miles and Jax: Master Planners.

What is Taught in Foundations C (lessons 81-120)?

-8 bonus reading comprehension lessons in Foundations C, using the Miles and Jax early chapter books!
-28 new multi-letter phonograms
-Master all 75 basic phonograms (including 47 taught in Foundations A and B)
-12 new spelling rules
-Fun activities develop speed and accuracy
-Practice reading multi-syllable words
-Identify six reasons for a silent final E
-Strengthen reading and spelling skills through spelling analysis
-Read two-syllable words and practice strategies for reading three-syllable words
-Learn the meaning of common affixes such as UN-, -ED, and -ING.
-Develop comprehension strategies for non-fiction texts such as finding the main idea and identifying key words.
-Read and follow simple instructions.
-Read fiction and non-fiction readers with short paragraphs and multi-syllable words.

Recommended for

-Ages 5 to 8 (after completing Foundations B)
-As a phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar curriculum for Grade 1 (after completing Foundations B)
-As a complete language arts curriculum for grade 1 (after completing Foundations B)
-Struggling readers
-Students with dyslexia
-Strong early readers ready to learn more about how written English works

Prerequisites for Foundations C Set

-Foundations B

What is included?

-Foundations C Teacher's Manual - 2nd edition. Now includes Miles and Jax lessons!
-Foundations C Student Workbook
-Foundations C Readers
-Miles and Jax
-Miles and Jax: Master Planners
-Knitting Knights: Beyond the Sounds of ABC

What else do I need to teach Foundations C?
Required: reusable supplements from the Foundations A or B Complete Set:

-Basic Phonogram Cards
-1 deck of Bookface Phonogram Game Cards
-1 deck of either Cursive or Manuscript Phonogram Game Cards
-Phonogram Game Tiles
-Student Whiteboard
-Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference
-Spelling Analysis Card

Ordering for multiple students?

Each additional student will need:

-Foundations C Student Workbook
-Foundations C Readers (or share with a partner)
-Miles and Jax and Miles and Jax: Master Planners (or share with a partner)

And, if not purchased previously for levels A or B:

-Student Whiteboard
-Phonogram Game Tiles (one set per student, or share with a partner)

Handwriting Style

-Foundations C Workbooks are printed in only ONE version that can be completed in cursive or manuscript. Student samples are in bookface, and students complete exercises in whatever handwriting style they have learned.

-Lowercase letters are taught in Foundations A.
-Uppercase letters are taught in Foundations B.

For those new to Foundations

-Foundations C builds systematically on material students have learned in levels A and B. It is not a starting point for the Foundations program.
-For young children who have already begun reading and know the concepts taught in A, we recommend starting at Foundations B (see tips for adjusting the pace and level of challenge).
-For students 8 and up who are beginning Logic of English, we typically recommend Essentials.

After Completing This Level

After completing level C, you will need:

-Foundations D Set (lessons 121-160), plus the children's literature used in D (available here or from the library )

Children typically spend about five to eight months on Foundations C, depending on the age and prior knowledge of the student. The lessons in C are longer and more challenging than those in B, so you may find you need to decrease your pace as you begin this level.

The "right" pace through the curriculum varies by student and setting, but it's common for students to complete Foundations levels A through D in 2-3 years.