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Older Student Notebook for Science in the Ancient World New Belongs to series: Elementary Science Series - By Dr. Jay Wile

Author: N/A

Publisher: Berean Builders

Item #: H722

Level: Grade 2, Grade 3

Class: Spiral bound

Price: $27.95

Berean Builders' Science in the Ancient World: Older Student Notebook provides pre-written activities and reflection questions for each lesson as given in the student text (sold-separately). These notebooks are great for those who'd like a ready-to-go version to save time, versus copying out the assignments from the textbook. The notebooking pages require writing, but also include drawing exercises and other types of activities. Students answer critical thinking-based or short-answer questions that ask them to explain their reasoning or the concepts they're studying. "Challenge Lessons" have students challenged to make their own notebooking page.

This "older student" notebook is ideal for students in Grades 2-3 (for students in Grades 4-6 see the "oldest student" notebook, which is sold-separately).

Spiralbound paperback. Consumable and non-rep roducible.