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Pictures in Cursive Book D Belongs to series: Pictures in Cursive

Author: Sandi Queen

Publisher: N/A

Item #: C005

Class: Spiral bound

Price: $17.95

The Pictures in Cursive series contains six volumes, each based around fine works of art. They are incremental in nature; each book getting a bit more challenging than the last, with slightly smaller writing spaces and longer lessons. Make a usually dry, rote skill an enjoyable part of your school day by incorporating fine works of art with your child's daily cursive practice. Ideal for any age child who has mastered the basic formation of cursive letters and is ready to fine-tune his writing skills through concise, daily practice exercises tat will also train them to pay attention to detail as they are encouraged to study classic artwork. Consumable, each book contains 12 week's worth of cursive practice, assuming you are doing cursive each day.