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Dynamic Math Grade 6 Workbook (Western Provinces) New Belongs to series: Dynamic Math- Canadian

Author: N/A

Publisher: Dynamic Math

Item #: G206WE

Level: Grade 6

Class: Spiral bound

Price: $34.95

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AB/SK/MB/Atlantic/NWT/Nunavut curriculums are covered in the Western Provinces edition.

We have a Grade 6 Math book aligned to each provinces math curriculum! Dynamic Math books teach exactly what is required, assuring that students are learning the exact same content as what's being taught in the classroom.
100% adherence to Provincial Math Curriculum
Dynamic Classroom math books present the concepts and examples in a clear, concise, and straight forward manner. Guaranteed to save teachers time preparing lessons.
Where required by provincial curriculums, Coding, Aboriginal Applications and Financial Literacy units are included.
Grade 6 Math topics that are taught include: Algebra, Solving equations, Inequalities, Decimals, Fractions, Probability, Percentages, Multiply and Divide Fractions, Ratios and Rates and more.

Detailed explanations and step-by-step guided examples
We teach students the concepts through clear explanations and take the student through guided example questions with step-by-step solutions.

Enforce learning through practice
We provide a lot of practice questions of varying difficulty to help reinforce each concept. Questions start out easy and gradually increase in difficulty.
Practice tests for each unit are included in the book
Students will be able to test their understanding of the concepts they learned, by taking the practice test found at the end of each unit and chapter

Student Assessment tool
Teachers and parents can use these same tests as an assessment tool to gain a better understanding of where additional support is needed.
Answers for all tests provided in the included answer key

Extra support available through video instruction, additional worksheets, and more
Enhance student learning through additional resources that include worksheets and answer keys. Sign up for free on our website
We also offer a complete set of video lessons to explain concepts and then walk through some examples. It's like having a math tutor, but at a fraction of the cost!

Are you a teacher looking to use the Dynamic Math books in your classroom?
Our Dynamic Math books are written, reviewed, and endorsed by math teachers. Class and school sets are available at discounted pricing.

Dynamic Math books are used by thousands of students in the classroom and at homes across Canada. We are confident they would be a great fit in your classroom as well. Please note that there are restrictions on photocopying and distributing the content to students.

Please contact us for more details and to explore the options available to you.