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Intermediate Logic 3rd Edition

Logic is the art of reasoning wellof learning to think God's thoughts after Him. In this book, James Nance builds on the foundation of Introductory Logic for Christian and Home Schools to help students explore the more challenging terrain of formal, propositional logic. First, students are introduced to propositional logic, logical operators, and truth tables, while reviewing and reapplying the concepts of validity, contradiction, consistency, and equivalence. Next they learn to construct formal proofs of validity by using basic rules to derive an argument's conclusions from its premises. Finally, students discover how they can use the technique of "truth trees" to determine consistency, self-contradiction, tautology, equivalence, and validity.

This text, together with Introductory Logic by James Nance and Douglas Wilson, provides students with a rigorous course in logic that will help them excel in every other subject they will study, from math and science to rhetoric and the humanities. Extensively revised and updated, with additional review questions and exercises for each unit, this book is an essential part of every Christian school or home school curriculum.

Intermediate Logic 3rd Ed Student Book

Author: James Nance

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Intermediate Logic Teacher

Author: James Nance

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Intermediate Logic: Test & Quiz Packet

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Intermediate Logic Dvd

Author: James Nance

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