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Photography: Portfolio to Profession, 3rd Edition Featured

Photography: Portfolio to Profession teaches the principles and skills required to gain competence in digital and film photography. The tools and techniques of color digital photography are emphasized, and a chapter on development and printing of film images is also included.

Individual chapters teach techniques for specific photographic situations, such as action and events, outdoor photography, travel photography, and portrait and studio photography. Portfolio Assignments engage students in creating a variety of images and building their own portfolio. An array of digital teaching resources offer convenient methods to engage students and assess their learning.

A new Commercial Photography chapter gives students a thorough understanding of the setup, marketing, and operation of a photography business and teaches the soft skills required to succeed as a photographer.

~Two digital darkroom chapters teach useful image-editing and image-manipulation skills needed to process and enhance images.
~End-of-chapter questions and activities (Review ~Questions, Suggested Activities, Critical Thinking questions, and Communicating about Photography activities) reinforce and heighten student understanding of the chapter content.

Photography: Portfolio to Profession Textbook

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