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Jump In: Middle School Composition 2nd Ed.

New and seasoned writers learn important writing skillswithout tears!

Jump In, 2nd Edition is the writing curriculum your middle school student will use! Easy, bite-sized lessons guide your student through the complexities of writing essays and the finer points of writing.

Students will learn nine types of essays, a research report, story writing, poetry, and more in 98 daily lessons. Theyll practice topic sentences, a main idea (thesis statement), in-text citations, and other essential building blocks of composition. The text is incremental, the tone is light with a sprinkling of humor, and the assignments are very achievable.

Whats new in the 2nd edition?
Students get more practice writing paragraphs before they delve into essays. Weve added lessons on writing paragraphs, using a handy paragraph chart, and practicing different types of paragraphs.

Students will also learn two solid methods for compare-and-contrast writing. Younger students will write a compare-and-contrast paragraph using a Venn diagram. Experiences writers will write a compare-and-contrast essay using a chart of features.

Weve also added a lesson on how to write a personal narrative.

Each essay assignment now comes with a suggested writing schedule and a specific checklist to help students proofread their work.

And speaking of proofreading, students are guided through the process of proofreading with practical lessons, checklists, and a Mistake Medic.

Because methods for citing sources often change, weve created a digital lesson on how to create a works cited page.

Teachers will enjoy the practical, specialized grading grids for essays. Grading just got a whole lot easier! The teachers guide also contains the 10-Minute Writing Plunges, our fun writing-prompts program.

Jump In Set 2nd Ed.

Author: Sharon Watson

Publisher: Apologia Educational Ministrie

Item #: C302

Price: $69.95

Jump In Student 2nd Ed.

Author: Sharon Watson

Publisher: Othe

Item #: C303

Price: $55.95