For Canadian homeschooling families

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Still ThinkingFeaturedNew

Author: Jason Bouwman

Publisher: N/A

Item #: K713

...more doodles, doctrine and dad jokes.A new volume of musings that will prompt you to think more deeply, more clearly and more biblically.“Still Thinkin

Price: $25.00

Christs Psalms - Our PsalmsFeaturedNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A530

From the Psalms to your HeartSeasoned pastors speaking from the Psalms to your heart about life’s struggles and Christ’s saving grace – that about sums up the

Price: $26.95

Holiness Day by Day

Author: Jerry Bridges

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A504

Do you want more substance to your daily devotional? Then you will appreciate this devotional. Free of "fluff" and steeped in scripture, here's a rock-solid 365-day devotional that will s

Price: $30.95

New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

Author: Paul Tripp

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A511

Mornings can be tough.Sometimes, a hearty breakfast and strong cup of coffee just aren't enough.Offering far more than a rush of caffeine, best-selling author Pau

Price: $22.95

Unseen Footprints

Author: Peter G. Feenstra

Publisher: N/A

Item #: K590

As we travel down the road of experience we don't always understand why things happen the way they do. Sometimes the path is pleasant and, even though we are not su

Price: $16.00

En Route - A Daily Christian Devotional

Author: Clarence Stam

Publisher: N/A

Item #: IH623

In his book, the author offers a devotional for the entire year. In explaining the title, he suggests that life is one en route, on the way to a better land. Daily devotions keep a%

Price: $29.95

Drawing Near: Daily Readings for a Deeper Faith

Author: John Mac Arthur

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A500

"Like newborn babes, long for the pure milk of the word, that by it you may grow in respect to salvation." 1 Peter 2:2It's a fact of life: our health decl

Price: $34.95

Strength for Today

Author: John Mac Arthur

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A501

"How blessed is the man whose strength is in You. . . ."—Psalm 84:5, NASBWhat a wonderful opportunity you have as a Christian in this modern age to%2

Price: $24.95

Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science New

Author: Louie Giglio

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A498

Discover the Wonders of the Universe with the Creator.It’s impossible to out-imagine God. He orchestrates time, creates light, and speaks things into existence—from the

Price: $16.95

Gods Mighty Acts In Creation

Author: Starr Meade

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A505

Nature reveals majestic truths about God—truths that help us know him better. God’s Mighty Acts in Creation helps children recognize those wonders, and what they tell us abou

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Gods Mighty Acts In Salvation - slightly damaged

Author: Starr Meade

Publisher: N/A

Item #: N999ma

*damage includes a very slight scuffed edge. Does not affect the ability to read content. *Quantity of 1.Long before we reach adulthood, the gospel ought to be shaping our lives. Pa

Price: $19.95

Comforting Hearts, Teaching Minds: Family Devotions Based on the Heidelberg Catechism

Author: Starr Meade

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A507

Truly changed lives flow from truly changed minds. Pass the baton of our historic faith to the next generation by preparing them to contend for truth. Based on the Heidelberg Catechism, this%

Price: $11.50

God’s Alphabet for Life: Devotions for Young Children

Author: N/A

Publisher: RHB Publications

Item #: A502

Using the alphabet as a guide, this book provides 26 devotional meditations for young children (ages 4–9), based on Bible texts that children can easily memorize. God’s Alphabet for

Price: $22.95

Devotions for the God Guy

Author: Michael DiMarco

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A508

You're on the path to becoming a God Guy. Here's a daily map to guide each step.The God Guy is always on a journey to becoming the man God created him to be.

Price: $22.95

Devotions for the God Girl

Author: Hayley DiMarco

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A509

You're on the path to becoming a God Girl. Here's a daily map to guide each step.The God Girl is always on a journey to becoming the woman God created her to be

Price: $25.95

Beyond Doubt

Author: Cornelius Plantinga Jr.

Publisher: N/A

Item #: K616

Faith-Building Devotions on Questions Christians AskFrom the pen of award-winning author Cornelius Plantinga Jr. comes this book of flesh-and-blood Christian meditations with a theol