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God's Orderly World - Grade 9&10 Textbook (RS14901)

God's Orderly World - Grade 9&10 Textbook (RS14901)

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Item Code: RS14901
Publisher: Rod and Staff Publishers
Series: Rod & Staff Science
Grades: 9, 10

God's World Science Series

This final course is divided into 8 units, with a total of 122 class periods. Quarterly reviews prepare the students for a final test. The teacher's manual provides scheduling guidance for dividing the material into two years of study, although it may also be covered in one year if science is taught three to four times per week.

Unit 1 covers the principles of light, including color, optics, and the eye. Unit 2 covers work and machines. Unit 3 discusses energy and engines. Units 4 and 5 cover principles and applications of chemistry. Units 6 and 7 deal with electricity, magnetism, generators, motors, circuits, electronics, and electrical safety. Unit 8 introduces reproduction and heredity.

The book has many full-color illustrations, a glossary, and an index. The hardcover teacher's manual contains a copy of the pupil's book, an introduction to each unit, an outline of major concepts, and an answer key. Tests are in a separate booklet with tear-out sheets.

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  • Introduction
  • Teacher's Introduction
    • [scheduling]
    • [list of materials for experiments]

Unit 1: Light

  • Light Is From God
  • Sources of Life and Light
  • The Nature of Light
  • The Way Light Travels
  • Changes in the Way Light Travels
    • Reflection
    • Three Kinds of Mirrors
    • Special Applications of Reflection
    • Spiritual Light and Reflection
    • Refraction
    • Lenses
    • Prisms
  • Color
  • The Eye
    • Parts of the Eye
    • The Designer of the Eye
    • Problems With the Eye
    • Proper Eye Care
    • Proper Lighting
  • Unit 1 Review

Unit 2: Work and Machines

  • Physical Work—A Bible Command
    • Defining Work
    • Measuring Work
  • Resistance
    • Reducing Friction
  • How Machines Simplify Work
    • The Work Principle
    • Mechanical Advantage
  • The Simple Machines
    • The Lever
    • The Pulley
    • The Wheel and Axle
    • The Inclined Plane
    • The Wedge
    • The Screw
    • The Hydraulic Press
  • More Advanced Machines
    • Compound and Complex Machines
    • Other Useful Machines
    • Using Machines Safely
  • Unit 2 Review
  • First Quarter Review: Units 1 - 2

Unit 3: Energy and Engines

  • God's Word and His World of Energy
    • Understanding Energy
    • Sources of Energy
    • Understanding Power
  • Putting Energy to Use
    • Harnessing the Energy of Wind
    • Harnessing the Energy of Moving Water
    • Harnessing the Energy of Fuel
  • Operation of Heat Engines
    • Steam Engines
    • Four-cycle Gasoline Engines
    • Other Internal-combustion Engines
  • Newer Sources of Energy
    • Nuclear Energy
    • Alternate Energy Sources
    • Energy From God's Perspective
  • Unit 3 Review

Unit 4: Principles of Chemistry

  • What Is Matter?
  • The Elements
    • The Quantum Theory of Atoms
    • The Periodic Table
  • Chemical Compounds
    • Compounds and Valences
    • Groups of Compounds
    • More Groups of Compounds
  • Chemical Reactions
    • Chemical Reactions in Nature
  • Unit 4 Review
  • Second Quarter Review: Units 1 - 4

Unit 5: Useful Materials

  • Manifold Materials and Properties
    • Hydrogen
    • Metalloids and Nonmetals
    • Halogens
    • Noble Gases
    • Alkali Metals
    • Alkaline-earth Metals
    • Metals
    • Light Metals and Heavy Metals
  • Chemicals and Consequences
  • Chemicals and God
  • Unit 5 Review

Unit 6: Electricity and Magnetism

  • The Origin of Electricity
    • What Causes Lightning?
  • Principles of Magnetism
  • Basic Principles of Electricity
    • Static Electricity
    • Current Electricity
  • Wiring Circuits
  • Measuring Electricity
    • Units for Measuring Electricity
    • Instruments for Measuring Electricity
    • Formulas for Measuring Electricity
  • Using Electricity to Produce Magnetism
  • Unit 6 Review
  • Third Quarter Review: Units 1 - 6

Unit 7: Generating and Using Electricity

  • God's Word and Electricity
  • Producing an Electric Current
    • Obtaining Electricity From Chemical Cells
    • Understanding Induction
    • Obtaining Electricity From Generators
  • Using an Electric Current
    • Producing Chemical Reactions
    • Producing Motion
    • Producing Sound
    • Improving Communication
    • Producing Rotary Motion
    • Producing Heat
    • Producing Light
  • Changing an Electric Current
    • Using Transformers
    • Using Active Electronic Components
    • Using Passive Components
    • Types of Electronic Circuits
    • Electronic Amplification
    • Computers
  • Electrical Safety
    • Preventing Electrical Fires
    • Preventing Electrical Shock
  • Unit 7 Review

Unit 8: Reproduction and Heredity

  • Creation of Life
  • Reproduction of Life
    • Only From Previous Life
    • "After Their Kind"
  • The Reproduction of Cells
    • Vegetative Reproduction
  • Heredity
    • Differences in Genes
    • Laws of Heredity
    • Using the Laws of Heredity
  • Unit 8 Review
  • Final Review: Units 1 - 8
  • Supplementary Diagrams
  • Supplementary Exercises for Unit 5
  • Tests
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Illustration Credits

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